Water Minister Tony Burke has today disowned the Murray-Darling Basin Authority’s latest draft Basin Plan but has failed to outline what changes he will demand, according to Coalition Basin spokesman Senator Simon Birmingham.
?Today Minister Burke stated:
?“We are not yet at a point where I believe we’ve got documents in front of us that I’d be happy to sign off on.”
?”Minister Burke has stated that the revised draft Plan is not acceptable to him but has not said what changes would make it acceptable,” Senator Birmingham said.
“If he knows, Minister Burke needs to tell us what changes he wants to the Basin Plan.
“Minister Burke has the power to insist on changes and present to parliament a plan he is happy with, but he needs to tell the states and all Basin communities what that Plan will look like so they know exactly what they should be commenting on.
“The Coalition is committed to Basin reform and we are willing to sit down with Minister Burke to discuss the Basin Plan – but to do that we all need to know what his starting point actually is.”