Nothing has changed in relation to the Turnbull Government’s policy on schools funding.  

The Coalition is continuing to deliver record Commonwealth funding for schools of $69 billion over four years, representing growth of 28 per cent to government schools from 2014/15-2018/19.

The Turnbull Government remains committed to engaging prior to 2018 in discussions with the states, territories and non-government sector about post 2017 funding  that is fair, transparent, needs-based, affordable and looks beyond just a two year horizon.

Labor continues to talk about a model they never funded and still don't commit to funding themselves, which they compromised through special deals for different states and sectors.  Labor's previous approach left Queensland, Western Australia and the Northern Territory unfunded, requiring the Coalition to boost four year funding by $1.2 billion upon our election.

The Turnbull Government knows that funding is important but that what you do with it matters even more. The Government’s discussions on future funding will not just be about how more money is spent but will seek to ensure we lift school outcomes too.

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