The Turnbull Government has teamed up with fifteen past and present NRL stars and AFL SportsReady to support the Australian Apprenticeships Ambassadors program and celebrate the 6th National Skills Week.
Minister for Education and Training Simon Birmingham said the Ambassadors program helped build apprenticeships pathways for players and videos of the NRL stars would be used to highlight the value of trades to school leavers and other people looking to gain new skills.
“I’m usually more of an AFL fan than a League enthusiast but these guys get my vote for what they’ve been able to achieve off the field with an apprenticeship under their belt,” Minister Birmingham said.
“These 15 NRL role models have inspirational stories to tell that provide great examples for young Australians and highlight how flexible an apprenticeship can be.
“Apprenticeships are a key part of the skills offerings in Australia and we want people to use National Skills Week as a way to learn what options might be available to them so they can match their passions with the right skills and have a career they enjoy and that sets them up for life.”
Assistant Minister for Vocational Education and Skills Karen Andrews said that thanks to Kevin Sheedy’s advocacy the Turnbull Government was also able to announce today that AFL SportsReady is coming on board with Australian Apprenticeships Ambassadors.

“Kevin Sheedy co-founded AFL SportsReady more than 20 years ago to help provide employment pathways for AFL players. Last year over 200 players completed a nationally recognised VET qualification through AFL SportsReady. With AFL SportsReady supporting Australian Apprenticeships Ambassadors, we’ll have even more stories to tell to inspire young men and women out there to learn what an apprenticeship or a traineeship can offer,” Assistant Minister Andrews said.

“The Australian Apprenticeships Ambassadors program is one way the Turnbull Government is supporting the hundreds of events happening across the country for National Skills Week from August 29 to September 4.
“Whether you’re inspired by one of these NRL or AFL stars or there’s a skill you need to pursue your dreams, there are places to go and people to speak with to make that a reality.
“The Turnbull Government has support in place for people to undertake vocational, skills or trade training and I’d encourage anyone thinking about it to arm themselves with information and see how we can help them achieve their goals.”
The NRL players’ stories are available on the Australian Department of Education and Training’s YouTube channel at and the AFL’s stories are available on AFL SportsReady’s YouTube channel at
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