The Rudd Government’s wasteful spending has reached the point of farce, handing out $15 million for shower timers, sticky tape and ceiling fans instead of its promised Green Rewards Cards, Shadow Parliamentary Secretary for Climate Action Simon Birmingham said today.
“Having broken its promise, the Government should have apologised for its stuff up and saved taxpayers $15 million rather than splashing it around in this manner,” Senator Birmingham said today.
From July 2009, households receiving a home sustainability assessment under the failed Green Loans program received a letter from Peter Garrett saying that
“to help you get started, my Department will shortly be sending you a $50 Green Reward Card which you can redeem at selected retail outlets to purchase eligible energy or water saving devices”.
No cards were ever delivered, and Energy Efficiency Minister Penny Wong has today made clear that the $15 million cash splash for 300,000 households is not what was promised:
“Under the previous proposal, a $50 Green Rewards card…”
Instead, householders have a new level of bureaucracy, having to attach receipts to a declaration form before they can get their $50 taxpayer funded handout.
“Having in most cases waited months for their home sustainability assessment report, we can only hope for their sakes that eligible householders aren’t waiting that long for their $50 handout for shower timers, sticky tape and ceiling fans,” Senator Birmingham said.
“This is just sheer incompetence,” Shadow Environment Minister Greg Hunt said today.
“This Government simply cannot deliver any of its environmental programs and promises,” Mr Hunt said.