More evaded questions today suggest the Minister with responsibility for coordinating the roll-out of the stimulus package was warned of the dangers of rushing the now abandoned Home Insulation Program.
Mark Arbib, the Minister Assisting the Prime Minister for Government Service Delivery, today again dodged questions over the disastrous program, now linked to at least four deaths and 93 house fires.
“Minister Arbib today twice refused to outline his participation in determining the time frame for rolling out the Home Insulation program,” Shadow Parliamentary Secretary for Climate Action Senator Birmingham said today.
“On multiple occasions Minister Arbib has told the Senate that his job involved ensuring ‘the rollout of the stimulus was proceeding smoothly and on time’.
“Today Minister Arbib refused to deny that he had received advice in his regular meetings with Environment Department officials that the start date for the Home Insulation Program should be delayed.
“Minister Arbib also refused to deny that he had told departmental officials that they should speed up implementation of the program or that no delay in implementation was acceptable.
“In light of the Minter Ellison report clearly advising that a delay of three months was necessary, Minister Arbib urgently needs to confirm his role in rushing the Home Insulation debacle.
“While Minister Arbib is desperately trying to deny any share of responsibility for Minister Garrett’s disastrous insulation program, his refusal to answer direct and basic questions suggests he has something to hide and some guilt to share.
“Senator Arbib, it’s time to come clean about your role.”