Julia Gillard must today reveal why the Federal Government has not paid a single cent of $228 million promised for Adelaide’s desalination plant to the SA Government.
This funding was promised on 11 May 2009, nearly fifteen months ago.
What issues remain outstanding? Is it true Federal Labor is refusing to pay because State Labor says the money “is not about reducing our draw” on the Murray?
Won’t a failure to provide this money result in every South Australian family paying a further $50 extra each year on their water bill?
If last year’s $228 million Labor promise can’t be delivered why should anyone believe that today’s $100 million promise is any better thought through?
Isn’t it also true that these eastern suburbs projects have previously been refused funding by both the state and federal governments?
Has advice been rejected for the sake of an announcement that targets a marginal seat?
More evidence that you can’t trust Labor to make the serious decisions or to honour their promises.