Penny Wong has today confessed that after three years of failure and missed opportunities for the Murray Darling Basin another term in office for Labor would mean more of the same, Coalition Basin spokesman Simon Birmingham said today.
“I can tell you what a re-elected Gillard Government will do – we will continue to do the work we’re already doing.”
Penny Wong, 891 ABC Adelaide
“Senator Wong must confirm today whether this statement means Labor has no new Murray Darling policy for this election,” Senator Birmingham said today. ”The Coalition will be releasing one – will Labor, or are we simply being offered more of the same?
“Sadly for the Murray-Darling Basin, Senator Wong’s policies and ineptitude are not working for the river system which can’t afford three more years of missed opportunity.
“Senator Wong and Labor have never delivered promised water saving infrastructure spending, while critical delays on their part mean the draft Basin Plan remains unreleased and overdue.
“How does Penny Wong expect any fully informed debate when her actions have resulted in the delayed release of the draft Basin Plan?
“We will release a policy as part of the campaign, which will offer real action on the Murray Darling in stark contrast to Senator Wong’s pledge today of more of the same.
“Tony Abbott made the need for national management of the Basin a central topic of one of his first major speeches within six weeks of becoming Leader, and has visited communities on the Lower Lakes and elsewhere in the system.
“For someone laying claims to being South Australian, Julia Gillard has been remarkably silent on all matters relating to the Murray Darling Basin let alone the plight of the Lower Murray and Lower Lakes in this state.
“Senator Wong’s confession today that another Labor term in office means more of the same for the Murray-Darling Basin helps explain why.”