The Albanese Government has missed a key opportunity today to remove the stain on Australia and help restore our reputation as a safe and welcoming place for Jewish peoples.

Disappointingly Prime Minister Albanese has again failed to urgently address the rise of antisemitic behaviour and the safety of Israeli and Jewish communities in Australia.

Following today’s National Cabinet the Prime Minister made no mention that state and territory leaders had even discussed the rise in antisemitism let alone signed a joint statement of support for Australia’s Jewish community that condemned antisemitism in all its forms and committed to action to end antisemitism.

Not only is increasing antisemitic behaviour distressing for Jewish Australians but it has resulted in Israel issuing warnings about travel to Australia. This is a deep embarrassment to our nation that warrants action from Mr Albanese, not inaction.

The Coalition has continually offered bipartisan support to the Labor Government to identify and commit to practical measures at National Cabinet for the safety of Australia’s Jewish community, as suggested by Peter Dutton weeks ago.

It would be disappointing if this matter of urgency was not raised simply because the Prime Minister would be required to admit the proposal came from the Opposition.

The Albanese Government must act to curb the increasing antisemitic behaviour and demonstrate stronger leadership to reassure Israeli and Jewish peoples of their safety.

The Coalition reiterates its strong support for Australia’s Jewish communities, Israel’s inherent right to defend itself including its ongoing efforts to remove Hamas as a force of terrorism. We call for the unconditional release of all hostages and surrender of Hamas to end the tragic loss of innocent lives and urge the provision of humanitarian aid for innocent civilians in Gaza.