5 December 2023

The abject failure of the Albanese Government to adequately condemn and deter antisemitism in Australia has led to Israel raising its travel warnings against Australia.

The Israeli Government’s decision to upgrade travel advice for Australia from “No Threat” to a “Potential Threat” for Jewish peoples and Israeli citizens is a shameful reflection on the Albanese Government that has stained Australia.

Shadow Minister for Foreign Affairs Simon Birmingham said it is severely disappointing that Israel has felt the need to urge precaution for its citizens travelling to or in Australia.

“The combined rise in reports of antisemitic behaviour, violent scenes at the Opera House, intimidating protests in suburbs with larger Jewish populations, shameful targeting of the families of those murdered or kidnapped by Hamas and the appalling display of shameless hate in regional Victoria on the weekend, requires urgent action by Prime Minister Albanese,” Senator Birmingham said.

“This is a stain upon Australia’s reputation that necessitates leadership by Anthony Albanese to restore our reputation as a safe and welcoming country, regardless of ones faith.

“The Prime Minister should accept Peter Dutton’s suggestion from last month that National Cabinet urgently identify and commit to practical measures to ensure the safety of Jewish Australians and sign a joint statement in which leaders of all states and territories confirm their support for Australia’s Jewish community and condemn antisemitism in all of its forms.

“Australia was one of the safest and most chosen destinations for those fleeing the horrors of the holocaust and we should be the last place that Israelis or Jewish communities should need to take precautions for their safety, including the need to conceal their religion.

“The Albanese Government must act to curb the increasing antisemitic behaviour and demonstrate stronger leadership to reassure Israeli and Jewish peoples of their safety.”

The Coalition reiterates its strong support for Australia’s Jewish communities, Israel’s inherent right to defend itself including its ongoing efforts to remove Hamas as a force of terrorism. We call for the unconditional release of all hostages and surrender of Hamas to end the tragic loss of innocent lives, and urge the provision of humanitarian aid for innocent civilians in Gaza.