Bill Shorten has shown yet again he is just making it up as he goes along when it comes to his policies.

Today the Leader of the Opposition claimed that 140,000 child care workers would benefit from his policy even though there are 195,000 of them across the country.

But the 140,000 workers referenced by Bill Shorten today also differs from the 100,000 workers which Labor has briefed to media outlets.

Coalition Campaign Spokesperson said the only policy detail released by Labor on its early childhood educators announcement was a media release.

“Who are the 55,000 or 95,000 child care workers who are going to miss out,” Senator Birmingham questioned.

“How is the policy going to work? Will the Government pay workers directly? Will the Government pay child care centres? Will the child care centres be reimbursed for the extra red-tape and processing?

“Is the increase from day one? Does the increase phase in evenly over time or does it ramp up?

“What happens after eight years, is the taxpayer on the hook forever?

Was the policy costed for 100,000, 140,000 or 195,000 workers?

“These are the question Bill Shorten either can’t or won’t answer.”

“If Bill Shorten can’t explain his policies he can’t be trusted to run the economy, let alone the country.”