Bill Shorten is failing to apply the standards he demands of others by refusing to disendorse his candidate for the seat of Melbourne, Luke Creasey.

Mr Creasey’s offensive social media posts have demonstrated that he is completely unfit to hold public office with his actions  described by White Ribbon as “abusive, hateful and disrespectful.”

Chief Executive of the Domestic Violence Resource Centre Emily Maguire told the Herald Sun newspaper in Melbourne that:

“social media posts like this reinforce myths and attitudes that are already out there about women lying about sexual assault, when we know that many women who are sexual assaulted or experience family violence don’t report it to police, and false reports on this are incredibly rare.”


Yet, Bill Shorten continues to apply a double standard and won’t disendorse his compromised candidate.

Mr Shorten needs to end his hypocrisy by ending the candidacy of his Labor candidate who White Ribbon says is undermining domestic violence campaigns.