Joint media release:

  • Hon Kevin Hogan, Shadow Minister for Trade and Tourism

11 April 2023


The Government’s announcement that China is undertaking a review of its unwarranted, punitive and illegal tariffs on Australian barley warrants cautious optimism.


Any genuine review should lead to the full removal of the tariffs that China imposed on Australian barley. Australia should be expecting nothing less.


As with recent engagements between Australia and China, the ultimate value of this process will be judged on the outcomes achieved. In this instance, that outcome should be the complete and unconditional removal of tariffs on Australian barley and wine – tariffs which should never have been imposed in the first place.


Australia has demonstrated remarkable resilience in the face of attempted economic coercion. We must continue to honestly confront the strategic challenges of our time while working to secure the peace and prosperity of our region.


To this end we welcome the impending visit of Vice-Minister of Foreign Affairs, Ma Zhaoxu, to Australia and the intended visit to China by Australia’s Trade Minister as a further step in China’s changed approach, which has enabled a resumption in dialogue.


Given our comprehensive agreements made to one another and mature trade relationship, China’s previous refusal to engage in dialogue was always counterproductive.