Doorstop interview, Canberra Airport
Topic: Same sex marriage

Simon Birmingham: Morning.

Journalist: Minister, serious divisions in the Government over same sex marriage?

Simon Birmingham: Well there are differences of opinion. Of course those are things that can be resolved in the party room. I hope and trust that discussions in the coming couple of days will lead us closer to seeing marriage equality delivered in Australia, hopefully in a way that unifies the country.

Journalist: Does it have to be by a plebiscite at least?

Simon Birmingham: Well these are matters that can and will be discussed in the party room. As I said, I hope and trust as somebody who first supported marriage equality some seven years ago, that we will see discussions ultimately lead to resolution of this matter, resolution in a timely manner, resolution that does lead to marriage equality being achieved.

Journalist: Are we close?

Simon Birmingham: Well, we’ll see where discussions go. Of course everyday we get closer. Thank you.