Joint media release:

  • The Hon Peter Dutton MP, Leader of the Opposition
  • The Hon Andrew Hastie MP, Shadow Minister for Defence

24 February 2023


One year ago today Russia launched an immoral and illegal invasion of Ukraine.

This anniversary of Russia’s reprehensible invasion will be a difficult day for Ukrainians. We share their grief, particularly those in Australia who live every day worried for loved ones back home.

We honour the bravery and strength of the people of Ukraine who continue to courageously defend their sovereignty, their freedom, and their home.

We grieve the fatalities and casualties at the hands of Russia’s abhorrent actions, their brutality the cause of more than 7,199 civilian deaths, and more than 11,756 injuries.

The Coalition continues to urge the Albanese Government to do all that is necessary to ensure that Australia remains at the forefront of non-NATO support for Ukraine.

Under the former Coalition government $285 million of defence military assistance, including 40 Bushmaster armoured vehicles, and $65 million in humanitarian assistance was provided to Ukraine’s fight for freedom and to assist its people.

Australia must not grow fatigued of helping Ukraine defend itself. It is imperative the Albanese Government provide additional humanitarian support and further military assistance.

The Australian embassy in Kyiv must be reinstated and join the 67 diplomatic missions which have already returned.

More generous and easier visa pathways must be maintained and strengthened for Ukrainians needing to find safety in Australia. Introduced by the former Coalition government, more than 9,000 visas have been granted to Ukrainian nationals.

We urge the need for stronger action with sanctions and measures to put additional pressure on Russia to cease its invasion and see peace as the only option.

The Coalition will continue to give its support for the Government to take these actions.

As the people of Ukraine have shown their heroic ability to defend themselves, Australia must remain at one with our international partners in support of Ukraine.

We stand with Ukrainians to support their resistance of this invasion and in the rebuilding that we hope is soon to follow.