The Labor MP who claimed to have “guaranteed the future of the car industry until 2022″ has now released a flyer making hysterically inaccurate claims about the future of Holden.
The latest propaganda from Labor MP Nick Champion – or Tricky Nick – continues to try to mislead his electorate into voting for him as part of Labor’s continuing national scare campaign.
Tricky Nick claims that “Labor supports Aussie cars and Aussie jobs” but makes no mention of Labor’s new $1.8 billion FBT car tax slug that is leading to an estimated 20 per cent drop in sales of Aussie cars* and fewer jobs in the Aussie car industry.
Tricky Nick also claims the Coalition will “cut support for the car industry” but ignores Coalition policies to axe the carbon tax, the new FBT car tax, $1 billion in red tape a year and cut the company tax rate – which will leave the car industry better off in the long run.
If the Coalition is elected on 7 September, Labor’s ill-conceived changes to the FBT will become null and void. Australians will be able to buy or lease a new motor vehicle with confidence.
Nick Champion and Labor have nothing but lies for the people of Wakefield.  
They deserve better.
*The Federal Council of Automotive Industries estimates ultimate drop of 20 per cent in sales of Australian-made cars if Labor’s FBT (fringe benefits tax) changes