Labor MP Steve Georganas has again been caught out telling desperate lies in his bid to fool South Australians into re-electing him.
In advertisements running on Adelaide radio, Mr Georganas claims that “Steve Georganas and Labor are rolling out the NBN”.
Nothing could be further from the truth in his electorate of Hindmarsh.
After six years of promises, not a single house can connect to the fibre network in Hindmarsh.
In the advertisement Labor goes even further, boldly claiming that “we need Steve Georganas and Labor to finish the job”.
Steve Georganas should be apologising to the people of Hindmarsh for having not even started the job, let alone trying to suggest that only he can finish it.
In fact, while the NBN is behind schedule everywhere, Steve Georganas has the appalling record of being the only South Australian Labor MP to have not delivered a single fibre connection.
Steve Georganas has failed dismally as a local MP and has only one thing left in his desperate bid for re-election – lies.  He has already been caught out lying about the future of Holden this campaign and is now doing so regarding the NBN.
Steve Georganas and Labor have no record and no plan for Hindmarsh. The people of Hindmarsh deserve better.