NAOMI WOODLEY: … the Opposition’s spokesman, Simon Birmingham, says that [the conclusion of inspections] will leave many homeowners with unanswered questions.

SIMON BIRMINGHAM: We’re talking about one million homes that will be uninspected at the end of this process. We know from the 150,000 that will have been inspected that basically one in four of them have problems. We don’t know exactly how many of the one million have problems but it’s fair to say a substantial number will.

NAOMI WOODLEY: He says the Government must do more than offer those homeowners the chance to request an inspection.

SIMON BIRMINGHAM: This is an amazing debacle of huge proportions. The Government seems to be trying to say ‘case closed’. Well it’s not ‘case closed’ when there’s one million homes yet to be inspected.

NAOMI WOODLEY: So you’d argue that they should inspect all homes under this program?

SIMON BIRMINGHAM: Well, the Government needs to come up with a way to provide reassurance to those one million homeowners that they know the extent of the problem and that there is a way of getting work rectified where the work has been faulty.

Now, how they do it is the Government’s business but to simply wipe off those one million homes at a fixed date and say ‘we know that there will be thousands of them with problems but we’re not going to tell you how many and we’re not going to tell you how we’ll get them fixed’ really is quite inadequate.