Transcript, E&OE

Topics: New tourism campaign targeting the UK.
26 December 2019

Simon Birmingham:    This is an incredibly exciting campaign, the launch of Matesong in the United Kingdom is about inspiring Brits to keep visiting Australia in huge numbers. Some 700,000 visitors from the UK come to Australia each and every year, they spend around $5,000 per person while they are in Australia and they are a huge part of sustaining our tourism industry that employs and supports 1 in 13 Australian jobs. That’s why we’re investing in this new $15 million campaign airing as it did yesterday on Christmas day, a huge opportunity to make sure that people sit down after Christmas lunch, watching the Queen’s message get a vibrant message from Australia from a much-loved Australian in Kylie Minogue. This is about capturing the hearts and minds of British tourists to keep coming to Australia and seize the opportunity to get even more to make bookings over the next 1 to 2 years.  

Question:         How important is that spot, obviously there are a lot of people watching the Queen’s message, is that crucial in getting that time slot?

Simon Birmingham:    Tourism Australia has shown incredible ingenuity in thinking this through and coming up with this niche spot on Christmas Day right before the Queen’s message and of course Kylie Minogue an iconic Australian to really capture the hearts and minds of potential British tourists. This is a really unique, fantastic opportunity to get families as they’re together, having a great time, thinking about planning hopefully their next holiday and making it one to Australia. 

Question:         How much did it cost to get that slot?

Simon Birmingham:    So this overall is a $15 million investment, in terms to the different aspects of the campaign I’ll have to break that down with Tourism Australia. 

Question:         Has there been a downtown in Brits visiting Australia given the uncertainty here over the past couple of years?

Simon Birmingham:    So we’ve seen a little downturn in terms of British numbers to Australia and we think that the uncertainty in the UK has been a factor there and this campaign plays on that uncertainty in the sense of reaching out the hand of friendship, of mateship in saying you’re mates in Australia understand it’s been a bit of a rocky time in the UK with Brexit debates and so on but we’re still here and can offer you a fabulous time when you come and visit.           

Question:        What’s the reaction been like so far?

Simon Birmingham:    There’s a real sense that this touches the right nerve when it comes to the UK at present that is understands that people are tired of the Brexit debate and they are fed-up with politics are that they really are looking for a little bit of escapism and that Australia that as a long-standing mate, a reliable friend can offer that perfect escape for the British tourist to come Down Under and enjoy a holiday. 

Question:         Thank you

Simon Birmingham:    No worries