Over the next four years Commonwealth funding for South Australia will increase in each and every year, rising by 30 per cent or $2.4 billion over the forward estimates, bringing total Commonwealth spending in South Australia over that period to just under $40 billion.

South Australia will benefit from:

? a 36% increase in GST revenue or $1.8 billion more over four years
? a 19% increase in funding for hospitals or $208 million more over four years
? a 26% increase for schools or $280 million more over four years
? $2 billion in funding for world class infrastructure
? $1.5 billion more Commonwealth funding over four years than the 2014/15 Budget

On every single measure the South Australian State Government is receiving more Commonwealth funding than ever before.

It is clear that this Budget has exposed Labor’s taxpayer funded scare campaign as a complete fabrication. Labor’s taxpayer funded lies campaign must stop.

Last year South Australia was one of only two states where the number of small businesses declined. In this Budget the Liberal Government is giving the engine room of our economy a jump-start.

Struggling South Australian small businesses will benefit from $5.5 billion of new measures, lowering the small business tax rate, and allowing them an immediate tax deduction for every asset they acquire that is valued up to $20,000 for tax purposes.

There are also new provisions for a simpler, affordable, flexible childcare system benefitting South Australian parents, and an $843 million extension of Universal Access to Early Childhood Education allowing up to 15 hours of preschool a week for children.

This Budget delivers for South Australia. State Labor should end the blame game and start delivering better outcomes for South Australia.

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