I acknowledge the statement made today by the President of the Senate, Senator Scott Ryan, of his intention to resign as President and as a Senator for Victoria.

I thank Senator Ryan for his service and pay tribute to his thirteen years of work, which has been marked by the highest standards of diligence, intellect and integrity.

As President, Scott has upheld the importance of the Senate to our democratic processes and the rights of individual Senators of all political persuasions. Since the emergence of COVID-19, he has managed parliamentary proceedings through the most challenging of times. Throughout his tenure Scott has demonstrated an important awareness of Senate history, conventions and traditions, while providing personal friendship and support to many who have served in the Chamber.

Scott’s work throughout his parliamentary career has also involved important contributions as a minister, particularly his service as Special Minister of State and as Minister for Vocational Education and Skills. While the parliament was the beneficiary of his election as a presiding officer there is no doubt that Scott would have otherwise have made many further valuable contributions to the Executive.

As a member of our Liberal partyroom Scott has displayed a consistency of values and beliefs true to our heritage, including an astute understanding of the importance of maintaining a broad electoral base.

Personally, I remember being delighted with Scott’s first successful election in 2007 and the fact that he would be joining me as a member of the Senate. I will miss his deft leadership, wise counsel and thoughtful advice.

On behalf of all government senators, many staff and my family, I wish Scott, Helen, Nicholas and Benjamin every happiness for the future.