Joint media release:

  • The Hon Michael McCormack MP, Shadow Minister for International Development and the Pacific


The Coalition welcomes the release of Australia’s new International Development Policy.

The policy sets an important marker to identify and direct support to the key challenges facing Australia and our friends and partners in the Pacific and across the Indo-Pacific.

The success of this policy will be determined by how it directs Australia’s international development approach, in partnership with global partners, to ensure a region that is peaceful, stable and prosperous.

As the document highlights, the world is changing rapidly, and the years ahead will be crucial in securing our region.

The Coalition created a strong bedrock for supporting the Pacific and building our partnerships through our Pacific step-up and the expansion of Australia’s presence in the Pacific with diplomatic missions in every Pacific Island Forum nation.

As the Government implements its high-level policy, we will want to be sure that specific initiatives across the region we are delivering practical assistance that helps lift education standards; helps improve health outcomes; delivers and drives development outcomes generally.

These are the critical, practical steps that we need to ensure are attached to spending of Australian taxpayer dollars on international development assistance.

It is welcome that the Government is committing to openness and transparency on Australia’s development programmes. It is important that Australians know where their money is being spent and that desired outcomes are being achieved.

The Coalition will be closely monitoring progress on delivering on this key commitment.

Working closely with our nearest neighbours; listening to them and delivering programs which reflect their needs and aspirations, and their own values will be important to ensuring that we meet the challenges of the future.