Joint media release:

  • Senator James Paterson, Shadow Minister for Countering Foreign Interference


The Coalition is gravely concerned by media reports detailing the jailing of family of Iranian-Australian protestors by the regime in Tehran. Particularly concerning is the suggestion that this has been enabled by representatives of the regime in Australia.


If these allegations are confirmed, it would constitute serious foreign interference and requires the strongest possible response from the Australian Government to deter this activity and send a clear message to those responsible that it will not be tolerated.


The Albanese Government has a number of options available to respond, including further sanctions under the Magnitsky regime, listing the IRGC as a terrorist organisation, and expelling Iranian embassy officials.


The Coalition would provide bipartisan support for any action by Australia in response to both these reports and the continued abuses of human rights being carried out by the Iranian regime.


Every Australian is entitled to peacefully protest and exercise their free speech without intimidation. It is the responsibility of the Albanese Government to protect these rights from attempted interference by foreign authoritarian regimes.