Joint media release:

  • The Hon Karen Andrews MP, Shadow Minister for Home Affairs & Shadow Minister for Child Protection and the Prevention of Family Violence
  • Senator James Paterson, Shadow Minister for Cyber Security & Shadow Minister for Countering Foreign Interference


Media Release


The Coalition welcomes recommendations released today by the Senate Foreign Affairs Committee regarding the human rights implications of recent violence in Iran.


The violence and oppression in Iran requires the strongest possible response from the Albanese Government and other nations to send a clear message that it is not tolerated and must cease.


The recommendations of the Committee reaffirm the need for the Albanese Government to take greater action against those responsible for the abhorrent human rights abuses in Iran and potential acts of intimidation in Australia.


The Coalition has been calling for this action for months, including a letter to Prime Minister Albanese in November 2022 for which we are yet to receive a response. At every step the Albanese Government has been slow to act, leading to frustration and concern in Australia’s Iranian community.


The Albanese Government should swiftly respond to these recommendations, indicating their agreement to oppose the Islamic Republic of Iran from being elected to any United Nations bodies and to take necessary steps to officially recognise the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps as a terrorist organisation.


While announcements made by the Government hours before the scheduled release of this report are welcome, consideration must still be given to further Magnitsky-style sanctions and greater protection for Iranian-Australians experiencing intimidation and threats as well as foreign interference in Australia.

The Coalition continues to offer bipartisan support for any action by Australia to implement the recommendations of the Committee and strengthen the condemnation of the continued abuses of human rights being carried out by the Iranian regime. Australia must take stands consistent with likeminded nations.


The Coalition thanks the Committee for its work into this important issue and calls on the Albanese Government to do all it can to support the brave souls in Iran, in particular Iranian women and girls.


The Senate Committee recommendations can be found here.