Revelations that the Albanese Government is sitting on a request for more coal shipments from Australia are another sign of Labor’s unreliability hurting Australia’s reputation.

Given Australia provided coal to help with Ukraine’s energy needs ahead of their last winter, a commitment made by the previous Coalition Government, the Albanese Government should have offered months ago to continue this support.

Having failed to be proactive, the least the Albanese Government could have done was to give a quick yes when Ukraine was forced to ask in early December for this assistance to continue.

Due to the Albanese Government’s tardiness there’s every chance Ukraine’s winter could be over before Australian energy assistance can arrive.

As late as it is, the Albanese Government should immediately commit to continue crucial energy support to Ukraine, whose war to defend their sovereignty from Russia’s illegal invasion is also a significant test of democratic nations’ resolve to defend international rules.

Under Labor, Australian support for Ukraine had already slowed, with our nation no longer being the leading non-NATO contributor.

This is a further blow to Australia’s international reputation for being willing to act in defence of our values and principles, with the Albanese Government also in recent months:

  • Failing to provide a naval ship requested by the United States to join an international effort to keep the Red Sea open to freight in the face of attacks from Iranian backed Houthi rebels.
  • Diminishing Australia’s strong support for Israel’s right to self-defence by voting for an inadequate ‘ceasefire’ motion at the United Nations, which if adopted would only allow Hamas terrorists the opportunity to rearm and repeat their terror attacks against civilians.
  • Dragging its feet compared with likeminded nations on the implementation of sanctions, including against Hamas leaders and human rights abusers.
  • Failing to raise at the highest levels Australian concerns at the actions of Chinese PLA naval vessels endangering Australian Navy lives.

When Australia should be standing up to be counted, the Albanese Government is increasingly failing to act, showing weakness instead of strength.