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Reappointment as Minister for Education and Training

Reappointment as Minister for Education and Training

18 July, 2016

I am honoured to have been reappointed as the Minister for Education and Training. The Coalition took to the election strong, clear policies in early education and child care, schools and higher education, which I look forward to delivering. Our early education and child care reforms have been the subject of extensive consultation and will direct the greatest support to those families working the most hours and earning the least. The Prime Minister and I have committed to seeing them legislated at the earliest opportunity. We are committed to ensuring the delivery of reforms in school education that lift outcomes for all Australian s... Read more »

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NCRIS Agility Fund grants announcement

SIMON BIRMINGHAM: …Australia’s Chief Scientist and the Victorian of the Year, welcome to South Australia, Alan, and thank you for the outstanding work you are doing as our chief scientist and in particular to the members of the research infrastructure working group, the expert working g... Read more >

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New Shadow Minister, same old lies

It seems Labor’s new Shadow Minister for Education Tanya Plibersek needs a lesson in education policy and electoral mathematics after her first major interview since assuming the role.   Minister for Education and Training Simon Birmingham said Ms Plibersek needs to stop talking down sc... Read more >

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Additional funding for vital research

The Turnbull Government has announced an additional $16 million for 10 critical research projects that will generate meaningful social and economic benefits for all Australians in areas including urban infrastructure, bioscience, telecommunications and health. Minister for Education and Training ... Read more >

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Labor's shadow ministry

With the Australian people having rebuffed Labor’s higher taxing, higher spending and higher deficit plans, the test for Labor’s new education team is whether they can instead support evidence based reforms to improve student results, instead of resorting to the same old 'more money equa... Read more >

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