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‘The MAS Experience’ launched

‘The MAS Experience’ launched

24 July, 2015

The Abbott Government’s Australian Apprenticeship Support Network is investing $200 million a year to recruit, train and retrain apprentices. Across the country, there are more than 420 Australian Apprenticeship Support Network locations, including more than 270 Network Provider sites; and over 140 further locations for outreach services. ‘The MAS Experience’ - MAS National’s Australian Apprenticeship Support Network (AASN) across South Australia, Victoria and Tasmania has been launched today.  Assistant Minister for Education and Training Senator Simon Birmingham today launched ‘The MAS Experience&rsq... Read more »

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AMEP Forum

SIMON BIRMINGHAM: Thank you very much, welcome, it is great to be here today at this second round of consultations for the Adult Migrant English Program. They say that the government test of a good policy or a good program is on that withstands a change in government. In this case, AMEP has been aro... Read more >

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Address to the Committee for Economic Development Australia

SIMON BIRMINGHAM: The concept of education as an industry is a controversial one.  Education is a public good, with private benefits.  It enables and empowers individuals, while strengthening and enriching both communities and nations. I dare say that every Australian recognises education... Read more >

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Global Skills Forum

SIMON BIRMINGHAM: Thanks very much, John, and good morning ladies and gentlemen. John did all the scene setting that was required there, so I’m not sure that my comments are too required to add terribly much to this.  Thank you for coming today for what is an important discussion aroun... Read more >

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'The MAS Experience' Launch

E&OE… SIMON BIRMINGHAM: Thanks to Paul and Elizabeth. Ladies and gentlemen it’s great to see you all here today, it’s wonderful to be here in enemy territory at the Port Adelaide Football Club; probably one of the most historic and, dare I say, sacred sites in Adelaide an... Read more >

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