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Building a Modern Centre of Innovation in Geelong

Building a Modern Centre of Innovation in Geelong

6 August, 2015

The Commonwealth Government is investing in jobs, innovation and growth across the Geelong region to support its transition from traditional manufacturing to a centre of innovation. Today, the Government announces that it will base its $14 million Advanced Manufacturing Growth Centre in Geelong.   The Centre will be integrated with a network of centres across the country. The Centre will develop a sector competitiveness plan to link local businesses with global companies.   The Plan will identify jobs and skills needs, provide a pipeline of innovations ready to commercialise, and consider areas for reforming regulation, manufact... Read more »

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Doorstop - WorkReady Training Issue - 31 August 2015

SIMON BIRMINGHAM: Thanks for coming along here today to the Civil Contractors Federation. As you can see behind me, we have high quality, world class training facilities that the taxpayers helped invest millions of dollars into the construction of and yet now under the state government’s new W... Read more >

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Interview - FiveAA - Leon Byner

Subject: (SA Training) E&OE… LEON BYNER: …I made a private call to the Minister a few weeks ago to try and suss this out and all she would say to me, and it was by text, “This is a matter for TAFE” No Minister, it is a matter for you and if you can’t justify... Read more >

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Interview - FiveAA - David Penberthy

Subject: (SA Training) E&OE… DAVID PENBERTHY: Private providers have already sacked 176 people and the fear is that the situation is going to get worse. We’re joined now by the Federal Assistant Minister for Education and Training, Senator Simon Birmingham; Senator thank you f... Read more >

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Master Builders SA Industry Dinner

E&OE… SIMON BIRMINGHAM: Thanks very much for that welcome, and ladies and gentlemen it's wonderful to be with you all here at the Adelaide Oval, the magnificent Adelaide Oval. It is a great venue indeed to have a gathering of Master Builders, because it is a testament to the fact that ... Read more >

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