Liberal Candidate for Hindmarsh Matt Williams announced today that a Federal Liberal Government will deliver $35,000 to the Adelaide Cobras Football Club to rectify severe drainage problems at Weigall Oval.
“Our funding commitment means that the Adelaide Cobras can secure vital upgrades to prevent flooding issues that have plagued the ground,” said Matt Williams, Liberal Candidate for Hindmarsh.
Senior South Australian Liberal Senator and Shadow Parliamentary Secretary Simon Birmingham welcomed the announcement stating “I applaud Matt for his perseverance in seeking the funding for the clubroom upgrade.”
“The Liberal Party has great candidates standing at this election and Matt is someone who can really deliver for the people of Hindmarsh,” said Senator Birmingham.
“We have made this significant commitment because too many game and practice days are lost due to flooding and the club has a real need for these important upgrades,” said Mr Williams.
“The Liberals recognise that local football clubs are a vital part of the community.
“Members of the club have had to put up with poor facilities for too long. The Adelaide Cobras anticipate these improvements will help to make the club more attractive to prospective players both junior and senior.
“Weigall Oval has the potential to be a premier sporting facility that will serve the Plympton area well into the future.
“It has been a pleasure working with the club to ensure the improvements for a stable future for Weigall Oval.”